Saturday, October 1, 2011

Her perfectly perfect party

Emily had herself a birthday party.  She handmade the invtitations and called it a Mad Hatter Party.

We used things we had to decorate the tables, and made some yummy food.

She made these paper lanterns to string up and we already had the big round paper lanterns.

All dressed up and ready for her guests
She asked Isabelle to dress up like the red queen.  Isabelle never misses a chance to dress up!

Everyone liked the food

They played games on the grass

She did a great job of party planning and there was a lot of laughing and eating.  A success!

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Nellie said...

I'm a bit mad that I didn't get an invitation to the incredible Mad hatter party--shouldn't mad people get to come.

Bev said...

Ok so maybe she will end up being a cruise director or wedding coordinator. Emily's talents never end!

grandma said...

Good job Emily! So cute, cute. Wish I could have been there, even tho I wasn't invited.