Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Around our House

Emily went to the Homecoming dance with her friends.  She bought the dress herself, I bought matching fabric for the sleeves and the Kings helped her pin them on and I sewed them.  Melynda did her hair and lent her some jewelry.  She looked like a princess!

Amanda's 19th Birthday!! Can you believe she's 19?

Scott had fun with some pantyhose Amanda recieved on a funny giant card from Grandma Shirley.
That's Scott for ya!

Crazy hair day at Isabelle's school.

And that's what's been happening around our house.
Oh, and my dishwasher has been leaking for probably awhile. The pergo floor all around it is buckling and I can smell mildew.  Yuck!  At least we have our health, right?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cake goal accomplished

I've seen fondant cakes for awhile now and have always wanted to try making one. So today I did. It's bumpy and crooked and squatty, but I did it and it was kind of fun. Now I can say I made one. And look at the MESS I made!
And here's a picture of Emily just for fun after I put a pair of her Dad's shorts on her head.

Kitten what's his name.

Amanda caught me in a moment of weakness for sure! She called from work begging me if she could have a kitten someone was giving away at Fry's. After many threats on my part, many promises on her part, we now have a kitten. It IS cute and it's supplies (cat box, food, water) are kept in her room. It's funny to watch it play and think it's a large hunting cat. It gives the dog something to do now. His main job is to keep an eye on it and make sure he takes all of it's toys and doesn't let it get too happy playing. This cat is yet to have a name. We kind of decided on Jack but now are rethinking that. Amanda wants something original like Percival or Jude. So in the meantime, it's just kitten or cat for short. Do you know how hard it is not to let it cross my path?

Do you think she's happy?

Isabelle was hoping beyond hope she'd get a Nintendo DS for her birthday. Her wish came true and boy was she happy! She also wanted a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. She wanted store bought, but had to settle for homemeade. But it was pretty yummy though. My baby is nine years old! Guess I can't call her my baby anymore:(

Monday, October 5, 2009

Isabelle's Wild West Weekend

On Friday Isabelle got to skip school and go to Grandma Shirley's with Aunt Cindy. It was time for her annual birthday date with Grandma. This year she decided she wanted to go horseback riding and stay a couple of days at Grandma's. We bought her a cowboy hat to prepare her for her adventure, and what an adventure she had! A real chuckwagon dinner and show at Blazin' M Ranch. Love the old time saloon picture of the three wild gals! You have to click on it to see it up close! Horseback riding and roping lessons, thrown in jail, shopping, monopoly with Grandma. She's a happy little cowgirl!! Thanks to Grandma and Cindy for giving her a great weekend she'll never forget.