Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She's a Trekky Girl

Oh the Trek.  What can I say?  Except I'm so glad it's here and she's on her way.  Because I'm not really a seamstress, we decided to buy her trek clothes.  Can I just tell you that we went to at least four Goodwills and a Savers about three times each looking for long skirts.  I found several long skirts at each store but they had to pass the Emily pioneer fashion test.  The blouses were pretty easy, but you kind of need to match the blouse to the skirt and if you can't find a skirt then you don't have your outfit.  And you need to match the apron to the blouse AND skirt.  But, we finally got it together.
  Here is Miss Emily Pioneer.

They'll have a great time, I'm sure.

And here's the Fathers Day cake the girls made for their Dad.  Yep, he's a golfer.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

San Diego part 2

Last summer we went to San Diego while Phillip had a conference for work.  I blogged about it.  The girls and I got the sunburn to top all sunburns.  Last week we went again.   Same hotel, different conference.  We stayed across the street from the Gaslamp Quarter downtown.  Walking distance to lots of  restaurants and shopping.  A short drive to Sea World.  Trolley hopping to Old Town.  Easy driving to Coronado.  The girls and I had a great time.  I love San Diego.

Here's why:

 Dolphins.  Seriously so cute.

 Rides that get you wet and give you wet ride hair.

Three girls that will pose for me whenever I ask.

A super view from our hotel.

 Biting into a lemon wedge on a dare.
 Bike riding around the oh so lovely neighborhoods of Coronado Island.

 Playing on the beautiful beach.  Sunscreen applied.

 Eating ice cream for dinner, because we can.

Farewell San Diego, until next time.