Monday, July 2, 2012

lemony sunset bubble clothes

I just put all the words together describing this post.  It's a mish mash.

First off is this lemon cake I made yesterday.  I got the recipe off pinterest, but instead of making the cake from scratch, I just used a french vanilla cake mix I had and sifted it and added lemonade concentrate and buttermilk and egg whites according to the recipe.  Then frosted it with a lemon cream cheese frosting.  Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive it was good.

 Next up is this picture I took of the sunset the other evening.  It was just before a big dust storm, so the clouds were all weird colors.  Too bad it wasn't a big rain storm.

I did a little photo shoot of Isabelle about half an hour before this glorious sunset.  This was our favorite one.  I really like it.

And finally, I really don't like to hang clothes up on the line.  But since I have a nice clothes line and outside is basically like a big hot dryer in the summer, why not save a little extra energy and just do it. By the time I'm done hanging them up, they're practically dry.  Ahhh Arizona.

Hope you enjoyed my lemony sunset bubble clothes update.