Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get out your white elephants!

Tonight is Bunco at Bonnie Jone's house at 7:00. Last month we didn't have a very big group so we didn't play very long, but the white elephant exchange was HILARIOUS!! A fun filled night sure to make you lol!!! (laugh out loud).

Still Training the Husband

Okay, I don't know about all of you, but I've gotten a little fed up. I've been feeling (husband hates that word) pretty walked on, taken advantage of, neglected, ignored etc. lately. I'm sure all of you know how complete and total opposites we are. It's definately had it's challenges over the years. Twenty years this June to be exact. I usually sulk, feel sorry for myself, cry, when I feel wronged. But yesterday I thought "You know, I should just make it easy on him and write down on a little index card how to make me happy. His very logical, organized brain would probably appreciate that." So that's just what I did. Titled the card: How to understand and keep happy the WOMAN you're married to. (because I think he forgets women are different from men.) Then numbered it 1-4. I won't go into detail here what I put on the card, but I kept it very simple. I think only four is being very generous!! I waited until he was undressed and in bed so he couldn't escape and then I presented it to him. He didn't take it seriously at first, but I stuck to my guns. At the end of the twenty minutes or so it took to go over each one and talk about it, I think there was a dim light that came on for him. Dim. He actually said he would give it some thought, and admitted he's not the most romantic, sensitive guy. I asked him to do the same for me and write down what I could do to make him happier. (scarry thought). We'll see if he actually presents his list to me or ignores it and hopes it all goes away. Just because these Husbands have been married a long time doesn't mean they don't have to try anymore! Look how sweet and in love the Hinckley's were all of their lives. This isn't fiction, people. It's real life. It's hard and stressful and messy. But that's why we're in it together. Not alone. Together.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally an Explanation

Not that anyone really cares, but I'm thrilled to finally know I'm not crazy. I just read about a disorder called Pica: "Derived from the bird Magpie who will eat almost anything, Pica is an isatiable urge to eat non food substances like dirt, paper, glue, clay, ice, soap, etc. Though it is believed to be linked with mineral deficiency, health experts have found no real cause and no cure for the peculiar disorder. It often occurs in pregnant women where iron deficincy anemia is present and in small children ages 1-6." My mom craved ice while pregnant with me. I was anemic as a small child. I craved dark rich dirt while pregnant with Logan ( I never ate any though). When Logan was one and two he used to eat soap, deodorant, candles, paper. I still go through terrible cravings for ice.. IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!!!!! It's so great to know there is a name for this madness. Although, the article also said it could be associated with mental ilness. Uh, Oh. I think I'll just take some iron pills and shut up now.

Spring Break Fun!!

Best Cousins!! Eli, Miranda and Isabelle

Amanda and Indago happy not to be in school

Just chillin' at my sister Bev's house

our Phantom experience!!

cutie petuties

We had a wonderful time!! Good food, shopping, entertainment. What more could you ask for?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Life Cut Short

Monday afternoon a former co-worker of Phillip's was shot to death. He was a 54 yr. old bachelor who has been retired for a couple of years. He was shot by a stray bullet from a rifle in a gang fight of a passing car in the daytime!! Not the best neighborhood to be in. 16th street and Broadway, but that's no reason for his eight siblings to be mourning him today. Phillip is feeling kind of weird about it. They used to play racquet ball and golf together. Although you never know if your life will be cut short, it's good to know we have the knowledge of the restored gospel. We know what is in store after we leave this life. We know we have a Saviour who died for us so that we can return to him and be with our families forever. It's really sad and I hope someday Gilbert will have the opportunity to learn about the gospel. Kind of makes you think about opening your mouth and sharing the good news with those around us while we can.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My side of the story

All right. I find that my passing out is an important happening. I dont want my mom to tell what happened and get something wrong or get it mixed up or anything because I have now passed out for the very first time. So here's what happened. I woke up and went into the bathroom to rinse my mouth. I was just standing at the sink when I suddenly started to sway back and forth and everything started to go black. I tried to feel for the counter but I missed. I lost all strength and had no control over my body. I slammed into the door at full speed and then felll backwards into the shelves. I slid down the wall a little and then opened my eyes to find myself passed out on the floor. I was very confused and tried to get up. I stood and passed out once again making a loud noise as before. The second time however, I could not get up. And then my mother walked in to find me sprawled out on the floor. I was very confused and frightened for another 15 minutes after it happened. So yes that's my side of the story. Thank you.


Poor Emily

Emily has been sick for the past three days. Stay in bed, coughing, aching, fever, sneezing, blowing her nose alot sick. I took her to the Dr. yesterday and she's now on antibiotics. She has a field trip to see a play today and she was hoping with all her might to be able to go. She got up this morning and went into the bathroom. I heard a loud bang and a couple of minutes later heard a noise again from the bathroom. I knew what had happened before I got there. She was lying on the floor. She had passed out twice. Must get it from her Dad. I've found him lying on the bathroom floor a time or two also. She was quite shook up, white as a sheet and I'm sure will be sore from it (It's a wonder she didn't hit her head). So think of poor Emily today and send her a get well wish. She's such a good patient but unfortunately gets sick way more than she should.
Poor Emily.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tomorrow I'm taking these people

To visit these people

And to see this!

Can't wait! Got to go pack!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"just me" getaway

I got to get away this past weekend all by myself. I picked up my sister and her husband at the airport and we drove down to Pima (hometown) for our Aunt and Uncle's 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had quiet adult conversation in the car, or laughed at whatever we wanted, stopped for Dairy Queen twice (because we can), went out to lunch with Mom and Dad and Brother and his Family. We got to see cousins and friends we haven't seen in awhile. We even sat in our swimsuits in the guitar shaped hot springs built for the Rolling stones! Oodles of fun! Even if it wasn't much over 24 hours it was needed and was great. I highly recommend a "just you" getaway once in awhile. Sanity is preferred over insanity!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sometimes Mom's are better

Logan has been frustrated with not being able to go driving as often as he would like (has to beg and plead parents to take him). So far, Phillip is the only one who had taken him out. I wanted nothing to do with it. But I could see how much Logan wanted to try and get better. He was still having a hard time figuring out the clutch thing. He would ask me questions about how to start out in first gear, says he doesn't get it. And I could see that his Dad wasn't planning on taking him anytime soon. (thinks Logan should be a perfect kid and earn the priveledge. we all know that's not gonna happen.) So Friday night about 9:30 Logan and I headed out in the Jeep. Serious whiplash and neck injuries were a real possibility. Surprisingly, there weren't that many people out on the roads. We went to the parking lot of a big church just up the street. If you've ever tried to TELL someone HOW to drive a stick shift, it can be quite exasperating for both parties involved! I could see this just wasn't working. So I got in the driver's seat. Logan in the passenger seat. Opened the door so the light would come on in the cab because the dome light doesn't work. And I simply SHOWED Logan what I do with my feet. Over and over. AHA!! The lightbulb came on! We switched back and after a few times he had it. I took him out the next morning just so he could refresh what he had mastered and again that night to pick Emily up at her friend's house. I never thought I would say this, but Logan is actually a really good driver. Puts his blinker on in plenty of time. Is aware of what is around him, doesn't go too fast, even told Emily to put her seatbelt on! For Logan, that's HUGE. I'm sure it's just because he's a new driver. I'll take it. He drove with Phillip to church the next morning and I think Phillip was surprised at how much he's improved. But it's just another thing I won't get credit for. Mother's never do.