Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poor Emily

Emily has been sick for the past three days. Stay in bed, coughing, aching, fever, sneezing, blowing her nose alot sick. I took her to the Dr. yesterday and she's now on antibiotics. She has a field trip to see a play today and she was hoping with all her might to be able to go. She got up this morning and went into the bathroom. I heard a loud bang and a couple of minutes later heard a noise again from the bathroom. I knew what had happened before I got there. She was lying on the floor. She had passed out twice. Must get it from her Dad. I've found him lying on the bathroom floor a time or two also. She was quite shook up, white as a sheet and I'm sure will be sore from it (It's a wonder she didn't hit her head). So think of poor Emily today and send her a get well wish. She's such a good patient but unfortunately gets sick way more than she should.
Poor Emily.


Erin said...

How sad!!! Tell her I am thinking of her and that i am hoping she feels better fast.

Josh and Claudia Tieman said...

Poor thing! Well Josh and I both hope she gets feeling better soon! Tell her to take it slow because passing out drains your whole body! FEEL BETTER EMILY!

grandma said...

Emily, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. I'm sure it was very scary. I am sorry you are sick and I hope you get better real soon. I love you and will be thinking about you. Love, Grandma