Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Life Cut Short

Monday afternoon a former co-worker of Phillip's was shot to death. He was a 54 yr. old bachelor who has been retired for a couple of years. He was shot by a stray bullet from a rifle in a gang fight of a passing car in the daytime!! Not the best neighborhood to be in. 16th street and Broadway, but that's no reason for his eight siblings to be mourning him today. Phillip is feeling kind of weird about it. They used to play racquet ball and golf together. Although you never know if your life will be cut short, it's good to know we have the knowledge of the restored gospel. We know what is in store after we leave this life. We know we have a Saviour who died for us so that we can return to him and be with our families forever. It's really sad and I hope someday Gilbert will have the opportunity to learn about the gospel. Kind of makes you think about opening your mouth and sharing the good news with those around us while we can.

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joanna yoder said...

That is just so sad.