Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drivers Beware

Been a busy day. After spending a total of about three hours in the DMV today, Logan was able to leave with his drivers permit. Look out! I think he's probably a good driver, but he'll only be driving with Phillip at first. Wouldn't smile for the picture. Stubborn!!

And I don't mean to keep bragging(actually, I do. When your kids do something to brag about you have to run with it) Amanda received a letter today stating she has been chosen to receive the ASU University scholarship. $2,700 a year towards her school expenses for up to four years. WOO HOO!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Please Vote for my Niece!!

My Niece is in a mormon singer/songwriter contest and needs lots of votes. She's currently in fifth place, but with lots of votes could make it to #1. Her name is Shaleice Boren. Here's the address: Just create a username and password and vote once a day whenever you happen to be on the computer. Thank you!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Hole In One!!!!

Congratulations go out to my sweetie today for making a Hole In One! He said the odds of doing that are like 300,000 to 1 or something like that. This is his first one and he was quite thrilled. Also Logan is voluntarily doing the dishes right now (I'm sure he wants something). And Amanda is out fetching some Panda Express for dinner. A Good day.


The other night Isabelle wanted to think of possible girl names she could name her girls when she has some. SHE'S EIGHT!!!! But I went along with it and we came up with some pretty good ones...Sophie, Abigail, Ella,. Then Amanda and Emily asked me what kind of name is Becky? They said they can't imagine being named Becky, Rebecca maybe, but who names their child Becky? Aren't kids great!?!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Dreaded Math Lesson

It was inevitable. Second grade math. Subtraction with borrowing. Isabelle doesn't understand it. When Phillip tells her to get her homework, Amanda and Emily exchange nervous glances. They've been there before. They know all too well how it goes. They want to rescue her but can't. She has to go down that road alone. She WILL understand substraction with borrowing by the time they're done. Even if it takes all night. Even if there's tears. And there's always tears. But she will pass through it just like they did. She will be excellent in math just like they are. And the math lessons will be no more. Until the grandkids don't understand subtraction with borrowing. But I'll make sure they don't tell Grandpa.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Way to Go Amanda!

Amanda received her acceptance letter to the College of Nursing, ASU downtown campus. We're still trying to figure this whole college thing out. But that was her first choice college and major. If she decides to go there she can still live at home to save expenses plus her in state tuition scholarship will really help also. She wants to be a surgical nurse. She really would like to be a medical examiner but surgical nurse seemed the better choice to have a family. My baby is all grown up.

P.S. I have a son for sale if anyone is interested. But if you don't like to be told you're stupid, better not buy him.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Way to go Emily!

Emily made the High School Play! It's a musical called Into the Woods. She got the part of Snow White. I don't think it's the traditional Snow White and will be fun to see Emily's portrayal. But I have to give Emily a hard time. I just put some pictures back onto the computer that I have on a disc from the last four years. These pictures sum Emily up as a true actress!

The "before" makeover picture

Cher hair

Bubble Gum face

Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Water?!?!

So Saturday just about dark we noticed we had a water leak out front and figured out it was a leak in the main line to the house. The leak is under the slab about three feet in front of the front door. Super! So we shut off the water for a few hours and watched a movie. Then the hubby says, "I'm going to turn the water on for a few minutes so we can fill the bathtub up and have water to flush the toilets." Upon hearing this I scrambled to find anything to put water in not knowing how long it would be before it was turned on again. Have you ever scrambled? Your brain goes into hyper mode, it's kind of fun. Anyway, here it is Sunday. He turned it back on this morning so we could all shower, and him and Logan dug the trench to run a new line. I found a plumber to come out on Sunday. The plumber just called to say they don't have any 1" copper pipe in their warehouse. So hubby has gone to Home Depot to get the copper pipe. That estimate he gave us is going down by the minute. These things seem to always happen on the weekend or a holiday. Why is that? But it's better than in the middle of the work week I suppose. I realize how much I take water for granted. I can't imagine what the pioneers must have had to endure. So appreciate it when your water comes out of your faucet and think of the pioneers.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm so Popular!

I went to lunch with Isabelle today. She was given a McDonalds gift card and has been begging me to bring her lunch from McDonalds just like Katie's Mom. So today was the day. If you are ever feeling low or bad about yourself (not that I was) go to lunch with a 2nd grade class. It will lift your spirits instantly! They all wanted to sit by me. They watched me eat. They asked me lots of questions. They even told me I was popular, so it must be true.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The TV is Off

We are now cable TV free. And I don't mean we're not paying for it. I had it disconnected yesterday. I'm trying to make some positive changes with our family this year and I knew that had to be one of them. It's not a popular choice as far as the world goes. I don't think the Cox operator could even comprehend why I would want to do such a thing. The funny thing is, I've been hesitating for so long to do it because I thought it would cause anarchy in the family, but no one (except Logan) really cared that it is gone. We have so many movies, games, books and possible time to spend together if that TV can't come on. And I've gotten so much work done this morning already, I feel like Cinderella(my favorite princess). Except I know there's no Ball. Darn!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Book of Mormon Challenge

Isabelle was having a hard time wanting to fast yesterday. I know how much she loves to give the FHE lesson, so I told her every fast Sunday if she can fast the whole time she can give the lesson that night. I was going to challenge our family to read the B of M anyway, but I let Isabelle do a game and then tell everyone if we can read it as a family, we'll go to Disneyland. We were going to plan a trip anyway but I thought tying the two together would be fun. She was so excited to be the one to tell them all. I love her enthusiasm!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Pics

It's Finished!!

Emily's room is done! She did the decorative painting on her walls completely by herself. A friend of ours helped her pick out a new rug and lamp, sew the curtains for the closet, and organize her closet. Amanda donated her bedding set that she didn't want anymore and it was perfect. It really looks pretty.