Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome to Isabelle's house

What's the best thing about your parents getting a new major appliance?  THE BOX!!!!!

Isabelle spent a couple hours last night constructing her house while we were doing dishwasher set up.  Everyone's happy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Way to go Hunter Hubby

I'm not sure any of you want to see this.  But tonight Hubby asked me if I had blogged about his Elk?  The most exciting thing that has happened to him in a long time. I didn't even know he cared that I blog, let alone that I blog about HIM.  So here it is. He'll never see it because he doesn't read my blog, but I can tell him I blogged about it and make him bust a couple of more buttons.  I'm proud of him. Even though I have a hard time with the killing of an animal, I'd much rather have my freezer full of meat accquired this way than from a slaughter house. This is the way Heavenly Father intended.  And I got a new Freezer out of the deal.  Our first steak was mighty good, too! So here's to My Husband, the Hunter!!

Bye Bye Kitty!

Remember my post a couple of months ago announcing our new Kitten?  Well this is the post announcing that the Kitten has left the Cook home.  And I couldn't be happier!  Kitty took a real liking to my leather couches.  Something about them gave him the urge to relieve himself whenever I wasn't looking.  So we had Kitty neutered as soon as he was old enough.  Amanda and her faithful friends and I took the couch apart and literally washed it a piece at a time in the bathtub.  PAIN IN THE NECK!!!  I don't know why they look so happy.

Thinking that if we got the scent out of the couches and he was neutered, he wouldn't do it again.  WRONG.  So, alas, Kitty had to go.  Amanda is kind of sad, but I told her when she moves out she can get another cat to ruin all HER furniture. He was a defective Kitty, I just hope his new owners don't have leather couches.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

don't know what to call this post

I don't know why I'm on the computer, I have about fifty things to do today.  It's a sickness.  I can't get on with my day until I've gone over everyone's blog.  I.  Need.  Help.  But as long as I'm on here I thought I'd throw a few pictures out.  I need to send some love to Miranda and Bev for passing on clothes to Isabelle.  I love putting her outfits together.  This is what she wore today, so cute! And it didn't cost me a THING!  I had JoAn and her clothes growing up, and Isabelle has Miranda.  I still remember those greenish yellow Nike tennis shoes.  I thought I was Hot Stuff because my cousin from Mesa passed on her Nike's to me!!

Here's some of my Christmas decorations.  My Santa collection and my tree redone this year.  Also these giant snowflakes from the dollar tree.  I didn't know where I was going to put them and Emily suggested we hang them from the skylight in the kitchen.  Now it looks like it's snowing in our kitchen all the time.  Good thinking Emily!  Ok, gotta get busy now.

Monday, November 30, 2009

a little redo love

I took full advantage of the hubby gone hunting over the weekend and put up ALL the Christmas decor.  Inside and out, with the fantastic help of Emily.  But what I'm just giddy about is this awesome redo.  While visiting at my sister's last weekend we went to her goodwill (and were oh so excited about it!) She spotted this jewel as soon as we walked in and began oohing and aahing over it.  I looked at it and thought it was nice, but I quickly moved on to other things.  She, however, could not get it out of her head. She eventually decided it must be mine and knew exactly where it should go.  So after sleeping on it, she sent her husband and our Dad down to snatch it the next morning and surprise! it was marked down 25%.  A whopping $37.50.  My parents graciously delivered it to me and wham, bam!  The before and after:

love, Love, LOVE IT!!!!!!
Look out china hutch, you're next.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Amanda Post

So Amanda claims she doesn't get much blog attention.  Here is AMANDA and her Scott and Indago.  You'll notice Scott is wearing giant footy pajamas that he later paraded around Walmart in.

Here is AMANDA at her new cashier position at Fry's.  I thought I would go down there the night before Thanksgiving to see her in action and snap a few pics.  She later informed me that I wasn't supposed to do that.  She's not allowed to check out family members. Do they think we're dishonest or something?  But all of you can go through her line and it will be just fine. So there you go AMANDA.  This is for you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Actress

Emily was in a very funny Play called Scapan  recently at her High School.  She did really well, she's a natural.  She had a kissing scene that frankly knocked the socks off of everyone watching.  Our mouths were left hanging open.  She tried to warn me, but nothing could have prepared me.  She has endured an endless parade of teasing from cousins, adults, family (mostly her Dad), and has taken it well.  It's odd to see my child up there on stage pretending to be someone else.  I don't know how parents of big movie stars ever get used to it.  Maybe someday I'll find out.

There's the weasel that kissed my daughter!

I've Been Bitten

I have been bitten by the creative bug! Ever since I made myself my very own creating space, it's been non-stop. Things like laundry and showering are really getting in the way.  I have also been blog stalking other lovely creative blogs to which I am completely addicted.  I had no idea how non creative I was.  Kind of like when you don't know you're singing off tune or you have really bad breath.  Why didn't someone tell me?  The gist I've gotten is that there is no right or wrong, do what makes you feel good.  And redo, repurpose, use what you have. I can do that!
  This collage above my bed is made with frames I already had and wasn't using. Some pretty paper that I love and there you have it.

I have been frequenting Goodwill alot latelty because that's where the Thrifty Decor Chic and The Nester go to find reusable treasures.  And it's so true.  This lovely touch lamp was $5.99.  I love it in my bathroom because I can touch it to three different softness levels.  No more turning on the overhead stage lights to accentuate every wrinkle and gray hair.  I DO love lamps!  I WILL get more!

These were other Goodwill finds.  The candle and the fillers are my own that I already had.  Very Fall.

I repainted these pears metallic Fall colors to go in this basket.  They're much better that they used to be!

I've been working on other things, to show later.  It's soooo much fun.  Those of you who have been doing this all along are saying "Duh" right now.  My mother is the most creative person I know and it just seems to have skipped right over me.  But I'm working on it.  Slowly , but surely.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gypsy on the cheap

This was the best costume I've ever put together!  It was sooooo cheap and easy.  No messy face paint like when she was a witch or clown.  No long tangly wig like when she was sleeping beauty.  And we already owned most of the stuff.  I found some plastic hoop things at Goodwill like we used to use for purse handles and the purse was made out of placemats, remember?  Then some Christmas bells from the dollar store and ribbon I already had.  Some hot glue and abracadabra it's a tambourine!!  One skirt from Goodwill and some jewelry from the dollar store, everything else was ours.  A little makeup and a Gypsy is born.  She did NOT like everyone commenting on her mole. " It's a BEAUTY MARK", she would say after they would walk away.  Fiesty little Gypsy!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Around our House

Emily went to the Homecoming dance with her friends.  She bought the dress herself, I bought matching fabric for the sleeves and the Kings helped her pin them on and I sewed them.  Melynda did her hair and lent her some jewelry.  She looked like a princess!

Amanda's 19th Birthday!! Can you believe she's 19?

Scott had fun with some pantyhose Amanda recieved on a funny giant card from Grandma Shirley.
That's Scott for ya!

Crazy hair day at Isabelle's school.

And that's what's been happening around our house.
Oh, and my dishwasher has been leaking for probably awhile. The pergo floor all around it is buckling and I can smell mildew.  Yuck!  At least we have our health, right?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cake goal accomplished

I've seen fondant cakes for awhile now and have always wanted to try making one. So today I did. It's bumpy and crooked and squatty, but I did it and it was kind of fun. Now I can say I made one. And look at the MESS I made!
And here's a picture of Emily just for fun after I put a pair of her Dad's shorts on her head.

Kitten what's his name.

Amanda caught me in a moment of weakness for sure! She called from work begging me if she could have a kitten someone was giving away at Fry's. After many threats on my part, many promises on her part, we now have a kitten. It IS cute and it's supplies (cat box, food, water) are kept in her room. It's funny to watch it play and think it's a large hunting cat. It gives the dog something to do now. His main job is to keep an eye on it and make sure he takes all of it's toys and doesn't let it get too happy playing. This cat is yet to have a name. We kind of decided on Jack but now are rethinking that. Amanda wants something original like Percival or Jude. So in the meantime, it's just kitten or cat for short. Do you know how hard it is not to let it cross my path?

Do you think she's happy?

Isabelle was hoping beyond hope she'd get a Nintendo DS for her birthday. Her wish came true and boy was she happy! She also wanted a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. She wanted store bought, but had to settle for homemeade. But it was pretty yummy though. My baby is nine years old! Guess I can't call her my baby anymore:(

Monday, October 5, 2009

Isabelle's Wild West Weekend

On Friday Isabelle got to skip school and go to Grandma Shirley's with Aunt Cindy. It was time for her annual birthday date with Grandma. This year she decided she wanted to go horseback riding and stay a couple of days at Grandma's. We bought her a cowboy hat to prepare her for her adventure, and what an adventure she had! A real chuckwagon dinner and show at Blazin' M Ranch. Love the old time saloon picture of the three wild gals! You have to click on it to see it up close! Horseback riding and roping lessons, thrown in jail, shopping, monopoly with Grandma. She's a happy little cowgirl!! Thanks to Grandma and Cindy for giving her a great weekend she'll never forget.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Scouting: To love or not to love.

There's just nothing quite like an all day Saturday Cubscout Training Day! No words can express. I had to keep pinching myself because I couldn't actually believe how lucky I was. Imagine it! Surrounded by Adult leaders in Scout Uniforms, going over this and that. Informing me how much MORE training I need as a Primary Counselor over Cubscouts. This training will be given at Roundtable coming up next month!! And at POW WOW later on. For FREE! I had to surpress my shout for joy at this announcement.

I know, I know. I'll just go repent now.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Things you may not know.

Here are some things about me you may not know. Some of them I didn't even know.

I cuss under my breath. Sometimes in my head. Out loud alot lately too.

When I'm sick I snore so loud my husband has to retreat to the couch.

I blink my eyes and look around alot when talking on the phone.(so Amanda tells me)

It bugs me when people say they want to watch a movie with me, and then they go in the other room during the movie.

Allowing my children their free agency is really hard.

At age 40 I still care what people think of me.

I can function pretty well on very little sleep.

I put off hard things until I can't put them off any longer.

I don't really know alot about what's going on in our Government.

I feel ugly if I leave the house without makeup on.

I wish I had a hobby that I loved and that I could afford.

I'm scared to death of my plane going down when I'm on it.

Little things make me cry lately more than they ever have.

I hate it when Men will look at another woman and the woman they're with doesn't see it. (that's what I get for people watching)

That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm a Phsychiatrist's dream!! What are some things I may not know about you?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just Life

Just a few pictures of what the kids have been up to. Logan bought himself a suit. He looks nice in it. Amanda started college. Her backpack weighs more than Isabelle (almost). Emily got to be a makeup model for our neighbor's neice. She had a good time. And Isabelle had fun having a friend over. That's about all, just life.
Isabelle said something funny the other day: "Mom, what does obnoxious mean again?"

"It means annoying."

"Well, Logan is being obnoxious!"