Friday, November 27, 2009

The Amanda Post

So Amanda claims she doesn't get much blog attention.  Here is AMANDA and her Scott and Indago.  You'll notice Scott is wearing giant footy pajamas that he later paraded around Walmart in.

Here is AMANDA at her new cashier position at Fry's.  I thought I would go down there the night before Thanksgiving to see her in action and snap a few pics.  She later informed me that I wasn't supposed to do that.  She's not allowed to check out family members. Do they think we're dishonest or something?  But all of you can go through her line and it will be just fine. So there you go AMANDA.  This is for you.


Nellie said...

I haven't visited for a while it was nice to catch up. I love all your creativity. You are a natural. It would have been fun to see the high school play--I bet she was amazing.

Bev said...

woo-woo, Amanda! I didn't know you had moved up to a checker! did your pay go up as well? I want to hear some funny shopper stories. Scott and Kason could be brothers. Kason proudly wore his nerd costume on Halloween everywhere we went.