Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day three was at Disneyland again. I never get tired of Disneyland. The big kids wanted to go back to California Adventure and ride the bigger ones while we took isabelle through her favorites: Pirates of the Carribbean, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain and Indiana Jones. Yes, she decided she liked it after Tower of Terror. We met back up with the kids, had lunch and did a few more rides together before splitting up again. Phillip and I were just sitting there watching people and I see Dwight Shrute from "The Office" walk by. (Real name Rainn Wilson) I jumped up and ran to get Amanda and Emily who were in line for Haunted Mansion. Then we followed him and his wife and little boy to the bathroom. They were being escorted by a Disney Employee. I wanted to take his picture when he came out, but felt like I was intruding so Isabelle and I followed him down to the Jungle Cruise and I got this picture of him. Amanda says I was happier to see him than I have been for most Christmas'. He was a celebrity. I didn't care
He's no Hugh Jackman, but he's Dwight Shrute!!! Everything was going to be okay. We went on to have oodles of fun and even felt some small earthquakes in our hotel room. Yes, it's expensive, there's crowds, there's lines, but it's DISNEYLAND. I've loved it since my first visit at age seven I think. The smell of the Pirates of the Carribbean, The voice on Haunted Mansion, the look of
Main Street. It's all wonderful and I'll go again, and again and again, and......
We then made our way around to the Mal-i-Boomer!! No thank you, once in a lifetime is enough for me. Isabelle and I watched. I'm good at watching.

After this was to be California Screamin'. I have never been on this ride and didn't know if I was ready to go or not. I knew Isabelle did not want to ride it, so I told them to go on ahead and I would take Isabelle on Toy Story. We waited in line for Toy Story for about a half hour. In the middle of this ride I get a text from Phillip saying they just rode the roller coaster with Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman of X-Men, Australia, Kate and Leopold, and tons of other movies. A Movie Star!!!! And My Family was on the ride with him! Logan was able to shake his hand after the ride. The rest of my family saw him and not ME!!!! By the time I met back up with them and heard the details and saw the picture, I was practically in tears. I've never seen a celebrity in my whole life and all I want to do is see one. I know the names of almost every actor and actress and every movie they've ever been in. Why couldn't I have seen Hugh Jackman?!?! It was over, I had to pull myself together and get back into the vacation.

We had Tower of Terror to ride. I wasn't going to not ride it, Hugh might be on it. Isabelle and I were a little nervous to say the least. We did it though. I don't know what happened because I kept my eyes closed the whole time. Next time, I'll make sure to at least look at the ride. Isabelle started crying before the ride even moved. I could hear her crying and there was nothing I could
do for her. I was paralyzed.
Day three at Disneyland to be continued.........I call it "My Justification"

Our California Adventures in the Land of Disney

So excited to be there!!!

We had adventures, yes we did. Starting with the first ride of the first day at Disneyland. Indiana Jones! Isabelle's first time. She was getting scared just waiting in line. By the time we got into the car she was pretty shaken. About half way through the ride, it stopped. We waited. And waited. And waited. Then they came with a step ladder to help us off the ride. They walked us through the rest of the way and gave us a fastpass for any ride we wanted. We were hoping it was good for the whole day, but no such luck.

Then we made our way around the park and hit Splash Mountain. We wanted to buy a picture and thought we would just buy the first picture. No. Not that easy. Someone's head was always blocked by another person. So, we changed up the seating arrangements. Again and Again and Again. We rehearsed which way everyone would lean. This went on over the course of three days. After about the 7th or 8th time, Phillip said he'd had enough. So we bought the very next picture and here it is. Poor Emily. She worked so hard to make that face.

Our second day (or black day as I call it and you'll find out why later) began at California Adventure. We don't like to be smart like the other park goers and wait until the sun comes out before riding Bear River Rapids, no we just go for it and freeze until we're dry enough to go again. But it's what we do and it's fun! Logan was sick that day and didn't have much fun.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh and by the way,

we're off to Disneyland today!

Another HURRAY!!!


Hurray! Hurray! Logan got a job today!

To work, to work he will go!

Filling popcorn and sweeping the flo! (floor)

My sanity has just been saved!

Stand up and shout HURRAY!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drat that Pop-Tart

The trouble with the "day before grocery day" is that there just isn't alot of good food choices left in the pantry, fridge and freezer. Thanks to the very efficient eating abilities of my four offspring.

So instead of a healthy breakfast of maybe fruit, granola, really good whole wheat bread from Fresh and Easy, there was a box of pop-tarts. Although the kids can eat them on their way out the door or even take them with them, I try to avoid them at all costs.

But there they were this morning, teasing me, taunting me. And without even thinking about it, I whipped out a package and popped them into the toaster! My mouth was watering as I awaited their popping. Warm, oozy strawberry filling in a crunchy toasted crust. I had my glass of milk ready at the waiting. One for me, one for Isabelle. I practically inhaled mine while Isabelle broke hers into several pieces and nibbled here and there. What was she thinking?!

She got up to go brush her teeth leaving an almost whole broke apart pop-tart.

"Are you done?" I called to her.

"Yes", was her reply.

What else could I do but to finish it off for her. Waste not want not.

Well, I can now tell you what I SHOULD have done, feed it to the dog. My stomache is not pleased, not pleased at all. It's not used to pop-tarts, let alone one and most of another one. AND, to make matters worse, I've gained four pounds in the last month after having been the same weight for an entire year. AN ENTIRE YEAR!!

I wake up every day vowing to rectify the situation. And every day I eat something dumb, today it was pop-tarts, tomorrow it will be something else. I used to be able to get away with it, but THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!!

Getting older is not all it's cracked up to be, although I've never heard anyone with a convincing argument that getting older is phenominal.

So, what else is there to do but wait for the stomache flu to hit my house. I'd like to see those four pounds survive that!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my hubby's birthday. He won't be reading this, so I can say whatever I want about him. He LOVES to play golf. He tries to improve every time he plays. He would love to be on the Senior Tour someday. So he got a new Golf Bag and some golfballs for his birthday. And a plaque I had made of his hole in one. He works so hard for us and I'm glad he has something he can do to keep his sanity. Today he shares his birthday with Easter and The Masters. He's happy. I Love you honey, Happy 42nd Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Double dating with my Son?

There comes a time when you're riding in the back seat with your husband while your son is driving and his date is in the front seat, that makes you say "huh, I never would have imagined this in a million years."

Logan did some yard work to earn date money.
Logan doesn't have a drivers license.
Logan needs a parent to accompany him which is wierd that he would even entertain the idea, let alone be the one to suggest it (or beg for it).
Logan is unsuccesful in convincing his Dad to let him drive to the date destination.
Logan and date (Erica) get dropped off at date destination (miniature golfing).
Logan's parents keep themselves busy with their own date (Easter shopping and eating out.) Logan meets back up again with parents and assumes command of the drivers seat (after Dad gives it up.) Thus, bringing you up to speed on my thought in the back seat.

Did you ever DREAM of double dating (sort of) with your parents? Or, would any of your kids EVER want to double date with you? Never in a million years.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Head Chef and Mini Me

The Missionaries were fed well at the Cook house tonight. While preparing and getting ready, Isabelle donned her chef attire and told me I was to be called Head Chef and I was to call her Mini Me. We make a pretty good team.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Prom is almost as much fun for Mom's as it is for girls. Today Amanda and I went shopping for shoes and jewelry. She got a pedicure and I tweezed her eyebrows. Then I helped her do her hair. She didn't know why everyone makes such a big deal about Prom. But as she got ready and everything started coming together, she started to get a little nervous. Scott arrived at 4:15 to pick her up, looking very handsome. They put on corsages and I snapped as many pictures as I could before being shut down. They looked very good together. Then they left. I watched them as they got into Scott's vehicle. They took their corsages off and put them back into their boxes so they could go over to Scott's house and do it all over again for his family. That's so cute. I love Prom.