Sunday, April 26, 2009

We then made our way around to the Mal-i-Boomer!! No thank you, once in a lifetime is enough for me. Isabelle and I watched. I'm good at watching.

After this was to be California Screamin'. I have never been on this ride and didn't know if I was ready to go or not. I knew Isabelle did not want to ride it, so I told them to go on ahead and I would take Isabelle on Toy Story. We waited in line for Toy Story for about a half hour. In the middle of this ride I get a text from Phillip saying they just rode the roller coaster with Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman of X-Men, Australia, Kate and Leopold, and tons of other movies. A Movie Star!!!! And My Family was on the ride with him! Logan was able to shake his hand after the ride. The rest of my family saw him and not ME!!!! By the time I met back up with them and heard the details and saw the picture, I was practically in tears. I've never seen a celebrity in my whole life and all I want to do is see one. I know the names of almost every actor and actress and every movie they've ever been in. Why couldn't I have seen Hugh Jackman?!?! It was over, I had to pull myself together and get back into the vacation.

We had Tower of Terror to ride. I wasn't going to not ride it, Hugh might be on it. Isabelle and I were a little nervous to say the least. We did it though. I don't know what happened because I kept my eyes closed the whole time. Next time, I'll make sure to at least look at the ride. Isabelle started crying before the ride even moved. I could hear her crying and there was nothing I could
do for her. I was paralyzed.
Day three at Disneyland to be continued.........I call it "My Justification"


Melynda King said...

How fun! I LOVE LOVE LOVE DISNEYLAND with the family! O'm sorry you missed out on the smokin HOT Hugh Jackman! Bummer! We saw Tim Allen at Disneyland in 2001. Not quite as good as Logan getting to shake hands with Hugh though!

Erin said...

Poor Isabelle, she looks so scared. But I love that ride, it's one of my favorites.

Bethany said...

I love the picture! Sorry Isabelle, it's a classic.