Friday, April 10, 2009

Double dating with my Son?

There comes a time when you're riding in the back seat with your husband while your son is driving and his date is in the front seat, that makes you say "huh, I never would have imagined this in a million years."

Logan did some yard work to earn date money.
Logan doesn't have a drivers license.
Logan needs a parent to accompany him which is wierd that he would even entertain the idea, let alone be the one to suggest it (or beg for it).
Logan is unsuccesful in convincing his Dad to let him drive to the date destination.
Logan and date (Erica) get dropped off at date destination (miniature golfing).
Logan's parents keep themselves busy with their own date (Easter shopping and eating out.) Logan meets back up again with parents and assumes command of the drivers seat (after Dad gives it up.) Thus, bringing you up to speed on my thought in the back seat.

Did you ever DREAM of double dating (sort of) with your parents? Or, would any of your kids EVER want to double date with you? Never in a million years.

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grandma said...

That is just too cute. I can picture the scene. Logan must be proud of his parents, to let them share a date.