Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome to Isabelle's house

What's the best thing about your parents getting a new major appliance?  THE BOX!!!!!

Isabelle spent a couple hours last night constructing her house while we were doing dishwasher set up.  Everyone's happy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Way to go Hunter Hubby

I'm not sure any of you want to see this.  But tonight Hubby asked me if I had blogged about his Elk?  The most exciting thing that has happened to him in a long time. I didn't even know he cared that I blog, let alone that I blog about HIM.  So here it is. He'll never see it because he doesn't read my blog, but I can tell him I blogged about it and make him bust a couple of more buttons.  I'm proud of him. Even though I have a hard time with the killing of an animal, I'd much rather have my freezer full of meat accquired this way than from a slaughter house. This is the way Heavenly Father intended.  And I got a new Freezer out of the deal.  Our first steak was mighty good, too! So here's to My Husband, the Hunter!!

Bye Bye Kitty!

Remember my post a couple of months ago announcing our new Kitten?  Well this is the post announcing that the Kitten has left the Cook home.  And I couldn't be happier!  Kitty took a real liking to my leather couches.  Something about them gave him the urge to relieve himself whenever I wasn't looking.  So we had Kitty neutered as soon as he was old enough.  Amanda and her faithful friends and I took the couch apart and literally washed it a piece at a time in the bathtub.  PAIN IN THE NECK!!!  I don't know why they look so happy.

Thinking that if we got the scent out of the couches and he was neutered, he wouldn't do it again.  WRONG.  So, alas, Kitty had to go.  Amanda is kind of sad, but I told her when she moves out she can get another cat to ruin all HER furniture. He was a defective Kitty, I just hope his new owners don't have leather couches.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

don't know what to call this post

I don't know why I'm on the computer, I have about fifty things to do today.  It's a sickness.  I can't get on with my day until I've gone over everyone's blog.  I.  Need.  Help.  But as long as I'm on here I thought I'd throw a few pictures out.  I need to send some love to Miranda and Bev for passing on clothes to Isabelle.  I love putting her outfits together.  This is what she wore today, so cute! And it didn't cost me a THING!  I had JoAn and her clothes growing up, and Isabelle has Miranda.  I still remember those greenish yellow Nike tennis shoes.  I thought I was Hot Stuff because my cousin from Mesa passed on her Nike's to me!!

Here's some of my Christmas decorations.  My Santa collection and my tree redone this year.  Also these giant snowflakes from the dollar tree.  I didn't know where I was going to put them and Emily suggested we hang them from the skylight in the kitchen.  Now it looks like it's snowing in our kitchen all the time.  Good thinking Emily!  Ok, gotta get busy now.