Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Around our House

Emily went to the Homecoming dance with her friends.  She bought the dress herself, I bought matching fabric for the sleeves and the Kings helped her pin them on and I sewed them.  Melynda did her hair and lent her some jewelry.  She looked like a princess!

Amanda's 19th Birthday!! Can you believe she's 19?

Scott had fun with some pantyhose Amanda recieved on a funny giant card from Grandma Shirley.
That's Scott for ya!

Crazy hair day at Isabelle's school.

And that's what's been happening around our house.
Oh, and my dishwasher has been leaking for probably awhile. The pergo floor all around it is buckling and I can smell mildew.  Yuck!  At least we have our health, right?


Dawn said...

Beautiful dress! Happy Birthday Amanda! That is Scott! Love crazy hair days!

Bev said...

I want to live at the Cook house. Always fun things and the camera is always handy. The Dows either never think of the camera or we can't find it.

grandma said...

WOW! Emily certainly does look like a princess! Her hair, dress, makeup and all look so cute! Did she have fun at the dance? I'll bet she did. And Amanda, I really can't believe you are 19. And still such a cute girl. I think Scott is a keeper. Isabelle, Isabelle, with the beautiful hair. You always take such cute pictures. Way to go Becky, with your cute blogs and backgrounds.

Melynda King said...

Emily does look like a princess, she is so beautiful! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Amanda, wow I remember when she was a Mia Maid, which just seems like it was a couple of weeks ago! That is some CRAZY hair Isabell!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE your dress Emily! Happy Birthday Amanda!