Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Water?!?!

So Saturday just about dark we noticed we had a water leak out front and figured out it was a leak in the main line to the house. The leak is under the slab about three feet in front of the front door. Super! So we shut off the water for a few hours and watched a movie. Then the hubby says, "I'm going to turn the water on for a few minutes so we can fill the bathtub up and have water to flush the toilets." Upon hearing this I scrambled to find anything to put water in not knowing how long it would be before it was turned on again. Have you ever scrambled? Your brain goes into hyper mode, it's kind of fun. Anyway, here it is Sunday. He turned it back on this morning so we could all shower, and him and Logan dug the trench to run a new line. I found a plumber to come out on Sunday. The plumber just called to say they don't have any 1" copper pipe in their warehouse. So hubby has gone to Home Depot to get the copper pipe. That estimate he gave us is going down by the minute. These things seem to always happen on the weekend or a holiday. Why is that? But it's better than in the middle of the work week I suppose. I realize how much I take water for granted. I can't imagine what the pioneers must have had to endure. So appreciate it when your water comes out of your faucet and think of the pioneers.

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