Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The TV is Off

We are now cable TV free. And I don't mean we're not paying for it. I had it disconnected yesterday. I'm trying to make some positive changes with our family this year and I knew that had to be one of them. It's not a popular choice as far as the world goes. I don't think the Cox operator could even comprehend why I would want to do such a thing. The funny thing is, I've been hesitating for so long to do it because I thought it would cause anarchy in the family, but no one (except Logan) really cared that it is gone. We have so many movies, games, books and possible time to spend together if that TV can't come on. And I've gotten so much work done this morning already, I feel like Cinderella(my favorite princess). Except I know there's no Ball. Darn!

1 comment:

Melynda King said...

Great idea! Sometimes I wish I could turn the cable off!