Friday, January 23, 2009

The Dreaded Math Lesson

It was inevitable. Second grade math. Subtraction with borrowing. Isabelle doesn't understand it. When Phillip tells her to get her homework, Amanda and Emily exchange nervous glances. They've been there before. They know all too well how it goes. They want to rescue her but can't. She has to go down that road alone. She WILL understand substraction with borrowing by the time they're done. Even if it takes all night. Even if there's tears. And there's always tears. But she will pass through it just like they did. She will be excellent in math just like they are. And the math lessons will be no more. Until the grandkids don't understand subtraction with borrowing. But I'll make sure they don't tell Grandpa.

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Bethany said...

That is so funny, it reminds me of my own dad. It was a painful process. But worth it. It also reminds me of the Malcolm in the Middle when the dad teaches Malcolm to roller skate. I'm a little embarressed to admit I like that show but it is so funny and that one is hilarious!