Saturday, January 17, 2009

Way to Go Amanda!

Amanda received her acceptance letter to the College of Nursing, ASU downtown campus. We're still trying to figure this whole college thing out. But that was her first choice college and major. If she decides to go there she can still live at home to save expenses plus her in state tuition scholarship will really help also. She wants to be a surgical nurse. She really would like to be a medical examiner but surgical nurse seemed the better choice to have a family. My baby is all grown up.

P.S. I have a son for sale if anyone is interested. But if you don't like to be told you're stupid, better not buy him.


Melynda King said...

That is great news Amanda! I think that nursing is a great field to go into, you will never not have a job if you want one. Way to go!!

Bethany said...

good job Amanda! You are amazing!!