Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She's a Trekky Girl

Oh the Trek.  What can I say?  Except I'm so glad it's here and she's on her way.  Because I'm not really a seamstress, we decided to buy her trek clothes.  Can I just tell you that we went to at least four Goodwills and a Savers about three times each looking for long skirts.  I found several long skirts at each store but they had to pass the Emily pioneer fashion test.  The blouses were pretty easy, but you kind of need to match the blouse to the skirt and if you can't find a skirt then you don't have your outfit.  And you need to match the apron to the blouse AND skirt.  But, we finally got it together.
  Here is Miss Emily Pioneer.

They'll have a great time, I'm sure.

And here's the Fathers Day cake the girls made for their Dad.  Yep, he's a golfer.


Jacob Heywood said...

She's too cute to go on trek. We leave tomorrow for our ward family trek in Wyoming at Martins Cove--Bruce is in charge of all the food. I hope we all make it back!

Jacob Heywood said...

Whoops thats Nellie

Janet and Nate said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake. Tooo fun and funny! (love the pioneer girls too! ) :D

Bev said...

Emily makes a cute trekker. By the end she probably won't care as much about color coordinating, just surviving! She'll have a great experience. Cute cake, your kids got the crative gene!

grandma said...

There's always stuff going on at your house. Baking cakes, treks, San Diego, etc., etc., etc. Cute cake. Is that a miniature golf bag? Emily looks cute. Show us a picture of her and what she looks like afterward.