Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today is wannabe day at Isabelle's school.

Can you guess what she wants to be when she grows up???
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Bev said...

I'm going to guess a teacher! You guys are always so clever on dress-up days! Where'd you get the glasses witht the chain? We always struggle with dress-up days, mostly because we don't remember until 5 minutes before time to leave for school.

Bethany said...

A teacher!!!

Nellie said...

Hmmm, if there wasn't such a cool key chain I would guess the first woman president.

Becky said...

Isabelle made those glasses herself. She figured and experimented and tried until she got it to work. She plays school in her room. Remember, we're all about theatrics and drama over here, so dress up days are HIGH on the list of priorities!