Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Before and after x 2

I can't seem to stop these little makeover projects.  I wish I would makeover all my organization in my house!  Oh well, that'll be a good summer project.  The weather is so nice outside for painting furniture, I'm taking advantage of it.  First up is this little chair I got at Savers for $2.  It didn't have any paint on it and the finish was very light, it almost looked like bare wood.
So I used a free sample paint I got in the mail.  It was kind of the color of dijon mustard.  After painting the whole chair I sanded some paint back off and stained it lightly and rubbed it off a little.  Here she is all gussied up for the front door.

Kind of looks like she's been around awhile and seen alot of things.  She's worth more than $2 now and she feels so much better about herself!
Next up is this desk Emily got at Goodwill for $8.  She has been wanting a vanity for her room forever.  I've been looking, but haven't found anything.  So with the help of her friend Savannah and her dad, they brought this home one day:

This thing is massive!  We're talking a huge, hunky desk.  It is solid.  I can just imagine it as a teacher's desk used for many years.  So I got to thinking, and thought it would be way to big for Emily's room.  It would take up most of the space.  I asked her about switching it out with the desk in the office and giving her that one.  She seemed to like that idea, so I got to work.  I gave it a light sanding, it is full of scratches character, and I like that.  Since the top was already black I just painted the top with chalkboard paint.  I thought it would be fun to be able to write on the desk top.  I painted the drawer fronts with very pale blue leftover laundry room paint.  Then I drybrush stained the rest of the wood until my stain ran out.  And this is what we have for our office desk now:

It works much better for us.  It's alot bigger and can fit the printer on top now.  I'll show Emily's new "vanity" next time.  Not bad for $8 and a couple hours, though.


grandma said...

My goodness, where are you getting all this energy? Wish I could muster some up. The chair and desk are amazing, and worth much more now than before your midas touch. It has been windy and cool here - so no spray painting yet; but I have some plans.

Bev said...

Becky, Becky, Becky! Cuteness abounds at your house! you are putting thrifty decor chick and all the other decorating bloggers to shame. I want that chair for my front porch. I can't believe that big desk was only $8. The much smaller craig's list one we got was double that!

lando said...

You are amazing! Great work, you go girl

lando said...

Whoops, that was JoAn