Friday, May 27, 2011

Last day of school

Fourth graders sure have alot of fun.  They've had two Superbowls this year which were very competitive!!  These kids love football.   Two fieldtrips.  They earned a waterballoon fight one day.  And they end their year in style!

Determination and concentration are always demonstrated by sticking out your tongue.

Her teacher Mrs. Michalski has more energy than her entire class.  She's a great teacher and if you picture her with short blonde hair, you just might see a little bit of Ellen Degeneres.
Posted by PicasaSo long fourth grade.  I'll miss you.


Bev said...

Too bad we all can't go back to 4th grade. Back to when life was simple and easy and fun. I'm glad Isabelle had a good year. My kids have 2 more weeks....what will we do then?

grandma said...

I can barely remember the 4th grade, but I'm sure it wasn't anything like Isabelle's. The teacher that year seemed like she was around 85 years old.