Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tennis girl

Emily made the Tennis team.  She's on J.V. and was kind of upset about not making varsity.  But after getting creamed her first match with a girl who used to be #1 on Varsity, I don't think she's too upset anymore. 

She has since won two matches.  And she looks cute in a tennis skirt!  It's fun to watch her and it brings back memories.  Her Dad and I played on the tennis team together in high school.

Her loyal fans.  Small but mighty!


Bev said...

Way to go, Emily!!! That girl is an athlete, a singer, an actress, what else?!?

Nellie said...

She does look great in a tennis skirt. I loved your Saver's post. You are the bargain women.

Kim said...

Congratulations to Emily!! P.S. I just stole your title for a blog abt Sara making the softall team.

grandma said...

The many talented Emily. An amazing girl.