Monday, March 21, 2011

Another post about Emily

Isabelle is getting a little upset because there have been so many Emily posts lately.
Well, here's another one.

LDS Prom was Saturday night.  We spent a little time making this dress modest and it turned out pretty well.
Emily and her date made a deal that he would get the corsages and she would get his tie.  So here he is putting it on after he arrived to pick her up.

They had a great time and made such an elegant couple!


Nellie said...

Becky, you are quite the Momma. I love the dress-and I know it's tricky to make them modest. What a beautiful family you have. And please do a post about Isabelle.
Do you remember the Brady Bunch (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha)

Janet and Nate said...

beautiful dress for a beautiful girl. what a fun day and evening!!
we sure love emily! :D

Bev said...

The dress looks beautiful! I'm glad they had fun. The girls are right, he and Emily do look alike!

grandma said...

Yes, they are a cute couple, and both look so elegant -- and cute. I'm glad they had a good time.