Monday, March 7, 2011

Spirit Week: Nest Head

Here we go again.  Spirit Week at High School.  Emily will be diving right into all the dress up days at school.  And loving every minute of it.  Here is day one.  Crazy hair day.  I was thinking something with lots of pony tails or maybe even pipe cleaners.  Not creative enough for Emily.  Here's what she came up with after searching online:

Nest Head

Stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings!

On a side note:  Amanda's Scott reports to the MTC this week.  Her amigo, buddy, amore, compadre, best friend, side kick, love.
We wish him the best of luck on his two year adventure to Bolivia!  Hasta Luego, Scott:)


Alex said...

This is JoAn, I love the hair, that is a good one, she should win some kind of prize.

Bonnie said...

I've told Scott and Amanda that I check your blog, but I chicken out to ever post anything and they always laugh at me. I do love your blog. :)
I'm a mush and got teary eyed reading what you said about those two! I hope she'll come around every once in awhile while he's gone. We sure love her!

grandma said...

Very creative Emily. I'm glad she went with the nest & bird theme, you all know I love that. Yes, I have been thinking about Scott and Amanda. Cute picture of them. I wish them both well.

Bev said...

How did she get the eggs to stick, hot glue? Ha ha. You must show us what she does each day, this is pure entertainment. Scott will make an awesome missionary - I sure like that boy. Amanda will too - she's still going, right??????