Friday, March 11, 2011

Last of spirit week

Okay, I have totally slacked off on the spirit week updates.  Day three was pajama day (can't they be more creative than that?  And I heard some girls were wearing nighties to school.  I mean, c'mon!)  Anyway, Emily told me she wasn't really going to do much.  So I slept in.
Day four was sports day and she just wore one of her tennis skirts and a top.  Not that exciting.
Today was blue out day.  Wear blue. All over.  So here she is.  She's been really busy with tennis matches, choir concerts, and working lots to try and pay for her choir trip to California next month.  Oh the life of a high school girl.
And just so you don't think I only post about Emily, here's a picture of a bowl of grapefruit.
And my dog Zero

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grandma said...

Thanks for the pictures. Noone can say Emily doesn't have spirit! And Zero -- his hair is longer than Lulu's right now. We gave her a haircut because she gets so hot when she travels. I hope that helps.