Saturday, February 19, 2011

Savers: Part Two. a Star Sighting

Today the two girls and I went to Savers to take my old light fixture ( see Savers part one).  Emily wanted to go inside to look for a vanity.  So we're in there and Isabelle and I are looking at the girls dresses and skirts.  Isabelle gasps and nudges me and tells me she sees Cory McCloskey from Channel 10.  I say "What"? and I look up and there he is!  And like a dummy, I point at him and say "You're Cory McCloskey".

  I tell him how he interviewed Isabelle about her missing teeth at her school when she was a first grader.  He tells us how he pulled a kid's tooth on TV once and how he got alot of emails over that.  He asked Isabelle her name and shook her hand.  He was just in there shopping with his wife like a regular guy.  What's weird is that I walked right past him a couple weeks ago at the Phoenix Open too, just one of the crowd talking on his cell phone.  Anyway, needless to say, Isabelle was so happy.  Ever since he came to her school and talked to her she has thought alot of him and now she meets him again at Savers of all places!


Bev said...

wow you guys always have celebrity sightings! I've never forgotten meeting our newscaster when we were little in a hotel one time. I don't remember his name, just that I felt like we'd met a huge star.

grandma said...

I'm so glad Isabelle had a "Star Sighting". I like Cory too, and remember the cute interview with Isabelle. The highlight of our San Diego trip years ago was the newscaster we met in the hotel. You just never know who will be seen, and where.