Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yes, I like Golf.

Yesterday my beloved and I went to the Waste Management (Phoenix Open) in Scottsdale.  We had tickets to one of those boxes on the 16th green where some scantily clad girl brings you a bloddy mary at 10:00 in the morning if you want her to.  Or all day food and drinks.  We got there early and made our way around to the box.  We had a hot chocolate and high taled it out of there before the swarms of people came and the real drinking began.  The 16th green is a frenzy of fans who will boo the players if they come up a few yards short of the hole.  Fans who place bets on which caddy will make it from the tee to the green first, and scream and shout at the top of their lungs while watching it.  It was entertaining.  But not us.

It has taken me a LONG time to appreciate golf.  I should have had a clue it would be a part of my life before I was even married, I was driving the golf cart while he played.  And then it became something I resented because it took him away for several hours at a time while I tended the homefront.  But after many years of watching this man try so hard to get good at this game, a game that takes great skill and dedication if you are to be truly good at it.  A game that has probably saved his sanity in many ways.  I finally get it.  Golf is discipline.  It's mastering something that can never be mastered.  It's getting out in the fresh air and excersise.  It's relaxing and exciting to watch at the same time.  And there are worse things than playing golf (or driving the cart) in Hawaii, that's for sure.
We walked the course yesterday, looking for the big names.  Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson have quite a following.  It was crazy.  But it was fun to see the golfers we watch on TV.  I know alot of them, actually.  We left just as the bus loads of people were coming in to party.  I wondered how many of them in their high heels and cleavage were true golf fans.  So we went home and watched it on TV. 
I don't play, but would like to learn someday.  It's part of his life and so it's part of mine.

  Until then though, I'll just be happy to drive the cart. 


Nellie said...

I think it's great that couples golf together. You go girl!

grandma said...

Great insight, Becky. Dad loves to hunt and he, Darvil, Jim, and Jim's son-in-law went Javalina hunting Fri. & Sat. They saw some but came home without any. I'm glad they like to get out and do things together - especially with the fresh air and exercise, but you won't catching me chasing Javalina. Thanks, but no thanks.

Bev said...

Now who sounds like a columnist? You could write for a golf magazine! Sounds like fun. People watching is just as fun as the sport itself!