Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thrifting around my Home

I've been doing some work on my blog and so I have to go back and look at it a lot. And I was pretty sick of looking at that big red fish monstrosity from my last post!

So I thought I'd show a few things around my house that I've found while thrifting. I love thrifting. It's like therapy to me. I can spend a little time and find something that's unique and usually doesn't cost very much. The danger is doing it too much and ending up with a lot of junk that you don't need, or bringing home stuff that really belongs in the trash. But so far, no one has told me my stuff is really ugly. What do YOU think?

Almost everything in this cabinet came from a thrift store. And I was happy to find the coffee filter wreath. I added my own burlap bow. I think I might try to add some more filters to make it fuller. These are pottery barn metal baskets. One was already white, the other I spray painted white to match. The basket and flowers are thrift store finds on two separate occasions. I thought they might like to be together.

I'm not sure what this rusty looking piece is but I love it.

The chicken came from a yard sale and the wooden stool and gold frame are thrift store finds.

this chunky family picture frame is kind of different, it commands attention.

This basket sits on top of my kitchen cabinets and I love it's texture and leather handles.

Thrifting is a great hobby for me, just like blogging and decorating my home.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Bev said...

Yes you have a talent for thrifting - you always find the cutest finds and usually for $2 each! I love how you've displayed them all, you've got the knack.

Joey said...

Love do have such good eye! Thanks for sharing.

Nellie said...

So fun to get your ideas!