Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Year!

My baby is starting Junior High this year.  The big 7th grade.  She's so excited and nervous.  She layed out her first day of school outfit last week!  We've packed and repacked her backpack I don't know how many times.  She's pinned school lunch ideas on pinterest.  Her only request for back to school clothes was a new shirt and some shoes.  But of course I had to get her more than that!  She's gone over her schedule and studied her new school map.  Starting at a new school can be a little scary.  But Isabelle has got it together.  She's got it going on.  She'll do great!
Here's to a new start and a new school year!


Bev said...

What a cutie - she chose the perfect outfit for the first day - not too dressy, not too casual. Her hair looks so cute! I'd like to know how the pinterest lunch turned out. Eli will start Jr. High in 2 weeks! By then she'll be an old-timer and can give him some pointers.

Annette said...

What a darling girl!! Your baby is growing up. My youngest started high school this year. Crazy crazy!!

Kelly said...

I can relate to a child going to a new school this year too. My youngest son just started middle school. He is in the 6th grade. We don't have junior high here. We have middle school for grades 6,7, and 8. Then highschool starts with grade 9. It's a huge change going from elementary to middle isn't it?