Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Rescued Canvas

I found this canvas at Goodwill.  What the fish? This thing is large and in charge!
But the price tag just couldn't be beat.  Yes please.
I didn't know what I wanted to do with it when I bought it but knew something could be made of it.
So today I decided to just do something  with it instead of let it sit in my "I'll get to you someday stash".  First thing was to paint over it and get it back to white again, like nature intended it to be.
Then I got out my letter stencils that I've never used.  If I had a vinyl cutting machine I wouldn't even be talking about stencils right now, but I don't.  So I am.
I mixed up some brown and black craft paint together and just applied with a foam brush.  Again, not really knowing what I wanted but just making it up as I went along.
I did know what quote I wanted.  So I just made me some lines with a straight edge and planned out where the letters should go.  I like how it looked, but it was too white.  So I added a little water to the paint and did a wash over the whole thing when the letters were dry.

And wiped it off with a paper towel.  .
The canvas naturally took the paint more saturated in some areas than others.  I like it that way, it gives it a more aged look.
And here is the finished canvas.

It fills the space on this wall in my bedroom.
One ghastly goodwill canvas rescued.

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Joey said...

AMAZING!!!!! As much as I was lovin the in charge fish I must say this is quite a creative improvement. You ROCK!

Savvy said...

Oh man I am so jealous...This is amazing!! Love ya!

Bev said...

Wow, it went from fishy to fabulous! For not knowing what you were doing I'd say you did great! Looks like one of those cute prints you buy for much more than $4!

Nellie said...

You have my whole "praise"! Wow....

Shannon Baker said...