Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Teen girl bedroom makeover: part 1

My daughter Isabelle will be thirteen this year.  Thirteen!!  She wants her room to be more coordinated and decorated.  We've been working on it here and there.  Her big sister demanded she get rid of things helped her go through all her clutter.  Her walls are a very soft pale, barely there blue. Instead of paint the walls bright colors, we are bringing in colors in other areas.  She wants her colors to be coral, grays and blues.  We're on the hunt for the perfect bedding but in the mean time, we thrifted this large mirror and brought in a cabinet I had in another room.  We painted them both gray to bring them together.  I made this paper garland and we already had the tissue paper flowers.

 Also on the list are cute coordinating baskets or boxes for her to store her things inside the cabinet.
The girls are currently making some art to hang on her walls.  It's coming together and she loves it so far.


Kelly said...

I love the neutral colors being used as a base for her room and the pops of color being used in accessories. The tissue paper pom poms and banner are so cute and so "teen". Just perfect for her room in those vibrant fun colors. My youngest son is 12, so I will probably need to update his room soon too!

Joey said...

Adorable!!! You are one busy bee at that house.

Shannon Baker said...

love, love, love it!

Bev said...

You are one talented banner maker! It looks so cute across one corner of her mirror. And with the mirror and cabinet painted the same color, it looks like they belong together. I'm sure Isabelle is loving her more teenified room.