Monday, July 15, 2013

A Pretty little Pantry

You  know how sometimes it takes someone else's perspective to get you to see how better something can be?  Yeah that happens a lot with me.  I don't know if I live in tunnel vision or what.  But lucky for me, I have a sister who doesn't.  She proposed the idea of moving my food pantry to a bigger pantry that I wasn't utilizing it's full capacity.  So I invited her to come help me, and she did!!
She has vision.  I covet her vision.  She can see how it should be.  I have to be shown.  I'm sure there's a psycological term for that.
Anyway, I only got one before picture of the previous larger pantry.  Bad blogger.
As you can see, this is a walk in pantry.  See the empty space down there at the bottom where no shelves are??  That drove my sister crazy!  Wasted space drives her crazy. Again, probably something psycological.   This is what it looked like before, kind of a catch all modge podge space.
We cleaned out, got rid of things, drilled, made home depot runs, drilled and sawed, painted, shopped and shopped some more.  It was exhausting.  We were exhausted.  We did this in 24 hrs. minus sleeping time.  I'm elated, ecstatic, and excited with my new pantry.  Take a look.

No more wasted floor space.
 We hung this peg board to hang baskets, brooms,  and a step stool to maximize even more space.
 Cute corn cob mold and chalkboard for the cute factor.
 We found a lot of these smaller baskets at goodwill
We both thought a clock would look cute in there.
It looks so old fashioned to me
Here is the after of the pantry where I used to keep our food.  It's now used to store my paint, cooking appliances, food storage and even the dog beds.
We even had time to build a couple of shelves in my hall linen closet and organize it.  She's a whirlwind, that sister!  She keeps me on my toes and organized.
Being organized feels so good, like losing weight, but a lot easier.
Thanks, Bev!  Keep your visions coming.

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Bev said...

It all looks so good, it came together really well, but you don't give yourself enough credit - you had the vision, I just helped you make it a reality! And it was so much fun! Too bad we didn't have more time to tackle more projects - next time!

Joey said...

I'd say the both of you are pretty darn amazing!!! Its way too cute to be a pantry. Nice work!