Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Neighborhood

 I love my neighborhood.   It's pretty quiet, alot of retirees on my street.  I love that all the houses are different, no cookie cutters here.  Everyone says hello while walking their dog.  My neighbor across the street gave us a big bag of home grown vegetables last weekend.  Nice!  And I also love my neighborhood because they give me trash that I turn into treasure.  Well, they don't exactly GIVE it to me.  I have to hunt for it when they put it out on the curb.  But it's kind of like they're giving it to me because I know they don't want it anymore and they would probably love to know that it's going to a good home and will get a second chance at life.  I'd like to think so.
Besides the old weathered door that now has a prominent spot in my home, and the wood turned birdie bed and breakfast , I have added the newest member of the neighborhood trash to treasure program to my collection.  The chair.  If I remember right, we had these chairs around our kitchen table growing up.  Am I right Mom?  This chair is a little wobbly, but the seat is in tact and, well, it's just darn cute!   But it can be cuter.

Cottage Cute!
Well, hello rusted old milking pail that I got in Willcox while thrifting with my girls and parents.  You sure look lovely with your pretty flowers and sitting on that cute chair! 

Do you participate in your neighborhood trash to treasure program?  Please tell me you do.  My husband thinks it's the same as finding an old sock on the side of the road and wearing it.  He just doesn't understand.  Poor man.


Amanda said...

I LOVE it!

Men, they just don't get it.

Kolein said...

Yes, I do! And your chair came out nice! Looks great holding that can o flowers!!!!

I have to hurry in my neighborhood...there are others like me on the hunt as well as two different trucks that drive by the night before trash p/u to dig through everyone's goods. I'm assuming they're men. Next time I'm gonna get a closer look! They may be fellow bloggers!

My hubby loves the transformations afterwards. Not so happy about the piles that may accumulate beforehand, tho!


Joey said...

If my neighbors put out trash like that, I would treasure, so cute! And that chair looks happy there, much better than a land fill.

grandma said...

So cute, and such treasures you and the girls find. You make them look so good.

Bev said...

I need your neighbors to talk to my neighbors. No one here seems to get rid of any treasures. I love the chair and the bucket! All your potted flowers look so pretty and springy.

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

I love the colors of the flowers in the bucket? Are they posies?

Monica Batini said...

bellissimo lavoro e bravissima tu.Baci dall'Italia.Monica.