Monday, April 23, 2012

Bloggers Block

I've had a little case of the bloggers block.  Lack of creativity.  A dry spell.  Maybe it's the hot heat we've been having, I'm so NOT ready to cook, sizzle, bake and fry for months.  Or maybe I've just been doing the normal, mundane things.  Whatever.  I haven't been blogging.  But today, today is the day.  The exciting day.  The day when I.......... wash my couch.  What?  Yes, it's true.  Things have gotten so boring around here that I must resort to this.  Unless you'd like me to show you the folding of the laundry or the cleaning of the toilets?  No?  Ok.  Well, I don't know about you but sometimes when I see everyone lying and lounging on the couch with their gross feet day after day, I get a little grossed out.  Because I switched the couches in the living room and family room, our main lounging couches are not leather and can't be wiped down easily.  So after a while I can almost see things living on them.  I know, TMI, it's not good.  But luckily my couches have zippered covers, so I took them off.

Threw them in the wash on the handwash setting.  Then I sprayed all the pillows with bounce fabric spray and threw them in the dryer to freshen them up.
And like I said, we've been having hot weather.  So why not take advantage of it and put it to work for me? 
Can anyone tell me why I have white rugs??  White rugs that have to be washed about every other day.  I don't know either. They look nice when they're clean.  For a few minutes.
And here's a pretty bush.

I hope you've enjoyed this little gem of a post.  Perhaps tomorrow you'll find me cleaning the oven or spraying down the patio.

 The possibilities are so exciting!


Bev said...

At least you are ambitious. Good to see you posting again!

Joey said...

Looks like a lot of work, I'm sure it is beautiful and fresh smelling now. Couches can get so dirty.