Monday, June 6, 2011

Some good finds

Emily is turning out to be alot like me in some ways.  She loves to decorate and thinks about ways to use things for decorating.  She's also got an eye for good finds.  Last weekend she came home with this old door she found on the side of the road in our neighborhood.  She knew I would like it.  She was right!
It just needed to be cleaned up a little and I took the hinges off because they weren't old enough looking.  But it's chippiness makes me happy.
And I found this white wire basket and vase of flowers at Savers last week.  I like the look they all make together.



grandma said...

Cute, cute! Yes, I like the look of them together too. I can't decide which room you have them in - your bedroom maybe? Emily is learning good decorating techniques for when she gets her own house!

Bev said...

very cute - Emily needs to come scour my neighborhood for good finds. I like it!