Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day of Boredom

Sometimes you just have one of those days.  Nothing to do, nobody to play with.  You have to be creative.  This is Isabelle keeping her hair out of her face with some old witch tights that used to fit her once upon a time.
Pretty ingenious, I'd say.

This is what I do when I'm bored, nothing to do and nobody to play with.  I paint things.  I decided to get started on my kitchen makeover yesterday by painting the island.  I want it to be different than the cabinets which will be white.  I already had some of this gray paint, so I thought "why not?"

It looks darker in the first picture and lighter in the second.  Either way, I like it.  I wish the cabinets were done, but then what would I do on a boring day?

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Nellie said...

Where do you get all your energy? I love everything you do and the room with the lockers was grooovy! It's so fun to see what you are going to do next.

Joey said...

So cute, that is a lot of work and you did a great job! If your hair gets in your face while you are painting know what to do.

grandma said...

You could come to my house and be bored. I have several things that need painting. I like the gray.

Tiffanyann said...

I love it!! So i have started my kitchen table and it has turned into one big mess!! basically I am starting all over!! fun time!! ha ha

Bev said...

LOVE the island! The gray will go great with your granite, and will compliment the white cabinets when you get them done. Good job!