Saturday, June 18, 2011

A little help here

I found these old lockers at a yard sale this morning.  This woman had so much stuff I could have bought it all.  Old stuff that her mother in law had been collecting for years.  Old birdcages, an old cabinet to display dishes, vintage retro looking lawn chairs and lots more.  But I kind of like to be married, and if I'd bought more that these lockers, I probably wouldn't be much longer.
So here's my question for all of you:  Do I leave them as they are in their faded, rusted old paint state.  Or do I make them fresh looking with a new coat of paint.  I know.  It probably depends on what I'm going to use them for.  And I don't know yet.  Maybe that depends on if I leave them or paint them.  You see the dilema??

This is to show you the size of these things. And the lockers are deep!  I just love them for some reason.

So what's your vote?
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Bev said...

I vote leave them in their rustic state, leave them on your back patio for pool towels and goggles, and even gardening supplies. You could always paint them later, but for now just enjoy the natural aged look! Wish you could have gotten me some, cute!

Joey said...

Those are cool and I do see your dilema, I would ask you for advice. Bev always has good advice. What a good find, you will make them look cute.

grandma said...

Sorry Becky,
But old Dad says to paint them but to use some imagination on the painting. I like Bevs idea on the use of them. HOWEVER, they are yours. So do with them as you want. Just thought I would get my money in.


Bethany said...

Those are awesome! I would totally leave them, then if you get sick of them you can always paint. You can never go back after the paint is applied.

Katie @ Clarendon Lane said...

I love them in the state they're in! Great find! I'm so jealous!