Thursday, March 29, 2012

For the Birds

My girls are good pickers.  They spotted this on the side of the road in our neighborhood and knew exactly what we'd do with it.  Do you know what we did with it?  No? 

Well first things first were to spray paint it a happy spring color.  We can't have it looking all undone and raw.  It's a happy color now.  So much better.  Isn't paint wonderful?  Next I put some eye hooks in and ran rope through.  So pretend I showed you that, ok?
And now presenting:  The New Bird Feeder!!! 
 A lovely little bird bed and breakfast. 
There's plenty of room for feathered fowl of all sizes.  I just hope the pidgeons don't hear about it.  The birds were quite jealous of these girls getting all the scraps and feed.

Now there's a place for everyone and we can watch it all from the patio.

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Shannon Baker said...

What a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

You have a bird condominium going on over there - so cute, your girls have your vision!

Bev said...

Oops that was me

Nellie said...

That deserves a big TWEET!

grandma said...

It turned out very cute! Where did you find the cute bird house? Did you do this all yourself? Very handy.

Kolein said...

Adore this!!! You are very creative and talented to see that gem in that piece of rawness!!!!