Monday, March 19, 2012

So clean and splarkling!

 When we moved in to our house, there was a pretty new kitchenaide dishwasher in the kitchen.  I was so happy at the wonderful way that it made my dishes come out clean and sparkling.  I didn't have a care in the world because my dishes were clean and sparkling.  Even the inside of the dishwasher itself was clean and sparkling.
And then the dreaded day.  Our water softner kept running and didn't shut off.  So we turned it off.  And that's how it sat for months and months.  I was afraid to call and have it serviced to find out how much it would be to repair or replace it.  In the meantime, the love I once had for my dishwasher was waning.  The dishes were starting to come out a little less clean and sparkling.  And then they were not coming out clean and sparkling at all.  They were.......dull and streaky and filmy and cloudy.  I tried different detergents.  I tried different settings, I used jet dry and even vinegar.  I mourned for my clean and sparkling dishes.  So I called the water softner people and explained what it was doing to cause us to turn it off.  They said it probably needs a new filter.  A new $360 filter.  A new $360 that I don't have, filter.  So I continued to be sorrowful and everyone in the house knew my pain. 
And then.
And then while grocery shopping one day, I spotted a happy little green and yellow bottle in the dishwashing detergent department.  The first thing I saw was "The Hard Water Expert".  Do you see it there?   We've got hard water to beat the band.   And I thought "what have I got to lose?" 
 So I bought it and brought it home and introduced it to my dishwasher.  And when I opened up the dishwasher after the first load and pulled out the dishes, I almost shed a tear.  Do you know what I had?  Do you know what I saw?  Clean and Sparkling dishes!  This doesn't do it justice because it's a night picture. But let me assure you that these dishes are about as clean and sparkling as they can be!  I found the fountain of youth for my dishes.
No more drinking out of throw away cups because we just can't stand the look of our glasses.  No more scraping off powdery film off the bowls.  No more putting the silverware right back in the dishwasher because they just don't look clean enough.  If you've already discovered this product, you can ignore this whole post, even though it's too late now.  If you are about ready to break up with your dishwasher because you haven't discovered this product, run quickly out to get you some.

Clean and Sparkling.
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Bev said...

I can share your dishwasher pain. I have lived through it all. I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with my dishwasher. I was also introduced to this same product awhile back and thought I had the cure, but it seemed to only help for a while and that was it. Maybe you'll have better luck. I recently have been putting a full dispenser of soap, then about that same amount in the bottom of my dishwasher along with a generous portion of your lemon product. That seems to be doing the trick again.

Joey said...

I want clean and sparkling dishes, I am going to try it!!! Thanks for the tip, I think this company should give you a kick back.

Hey it was so fun to see you today and your beautiful daughters....Thanks again for copying the journal, I am sooo excited to read it.

Shannon Baker said...

I LOVE that stuff! I discovered it about a year ago and it is life changing!!!!!!!!!!