Friday, April 2, 2010

Off with your head!

You just gotta love spirit week!  Today is Disney Day, dress like your favorite Disney character.  We didn't have to brainstorm very long at all.  The inspiration was the red heart apron Grandma Linda gave to one of my girls.

May I present to you, The Red Queen:

Although it's perfectly obvious what she is, if someone asks her who she is supposed to be, of course she will say;"OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!"


Bev said...

I need to call you guys next time we have spirit days. We just had ours and sometimes it's hard to think up ideas that they can still run in, have P.E. in, and want to wear all day long. Isabelle should have won a prize - very CUTE!

grandma said...

How cute!
Looking at these pictures has brightened my day! Isabelle makes such a cute queen. We saw Alice - the movie - and it was fun. Cute hair pictures too. I'm glad you are back in the picture mode.