Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to a great Dad who takes his family to Disneyland and Camping and Movies and Out to Dinner.....and on and on.

To a Husband who thinks it's very important to take his Wife on trips just the two of us.

To a Man who works hard at everything he does and makes sure he takes good care of himself for his family.

Happy Birthday Phillip!!
We Love you


grandma said...

Happy birthday! Our card will be late, but it is sent.

Briannon said...

Dream buddy, guess where you were last night? you were at church, and they started a drawing for Reba tickets...guess which tickets you got...the best ones 6th row!! i didnt even win any of the sets of tickets...i blame your blog post about the concert, i think thats how the dream happened....i dont know which is funnier the fact that they were giving away tickets for a reba concert at church or the fact that i called you "dream buddy" in my dream!!!

Bev said...

Happy Birthday, Phillip - our card is on its way as well.