Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nothing New

Wish that I had something new to blog about, but I don't. Went to lunch with a couple of friends I haven't seen in a long time today. That was fun. One of them lost her 20 yr. old son to cancer a year ago. I taught him in Sunday School when he was fifteen. She is an amazing example of strength. Seems like the same happy Kim. Her son went through normal teenage rebellion and put them through alot. But she said she would take it again in a minute if she could just pick up the phone and yell at him. But she can't. Even in my hardest days I wouldn't want that to happen. I'm going to stop and think a little more now. At least I can still yell at him and maybe someday I won't even remember the struggles and the moments I wanted to tear my hair out. (likely, because I have a terrible memory.) And things are never as bad as they could be. Just my philosophy for today.

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Bev said...

Very true. It always helps to see someone worse off than us. It makes us appreciate our own trials. Have faith!