Friday, February 27, 2009

It was hard!

Isabelle and I were outside this afternoon eating a snack and enjoying the nice weather. I decided to pull a few weeds and do a little sweeping. We were pulling weeds and talking. She thought some of the little weeds were really hard to get out. We went around the corner where the shed is and there were weeds back there almost as tall as isabelle! She started pulling on one and got the top pulled off and only a little stub was left. She said she wanted to do it without my help. The roots on this sucker were deep!! I got her a screwdriver and she kept working at it. It must have been about ten minutes and she finally got it out. Then she said. "That was harder than math at school!" I love that girl!!!


Erin said...

I hate weeds!!! Me and Levi were outside today pulling our weeds. I did outback the other day, there are still more. I don't really go out on the side of the house by the pool pump ever but when I did I saw the weed trees! I will say it again....I hate weeds!!!

Melynda King said...

Isabelle is so cute. I love the things little kids say. When we were remodeling our kitchen Tanner and I were tearing down a wall one day, and pulling out nails with a crow bar. When he couldn't get one of the nails out he told me "this is a brave nail!"