Monday, February 23, 2009


I had a boyfriend Patty
who came from Cincinnatti

With forty eight toes and a pickle on his nose
And this is the way my story goes

One day as I was walking
I heard my boyfriend talking

To a pretty little girl
with strawberry curls

and this is what he said to her

I L-O-V-E love you
I K-I-S-S kiss you
I K-I-S-S kiss you

on your F-A-C-E face, face face.

That is Isabelle's favorite bedtime song. Hopefully she doesn't think about it very hard.


grandma said...

I love that song too.

Dawn said...

I love bed time songs and stories.

Nellie said...

I learned it as.... I am a pretty little dutch girl and pretty as pretty can be..........I have a video of Dave singing that song. He hates it!