Monday, December 6, 2010

My love/hate relationship with christmas lights

Oh Christmas lights, how I love you.
But secretly I really hate you.

 You're so pretty and sparkly.
But you ruin my life!

You make everything twinkly and merry.
But you waste hours and hours of my time untangling you, stringing you on the house, replacing fuses, wracking my brain figuring out how to plug all of you in!!

You shine in the night like the star of Bethlehem.
But you taunt me with your sections of unlit lights and even after I buy new strands to replace you, you laugh as the new strand does the same thing!!!

You represent the Christmas Season.
But you're hoping maybe this time I'll finally fall off the ladder.

It's ok, I forgive you.
My house is lovely.
I love you Christmas lights.


grandma said...

I'm sure Dad agrees with you. You express all thoughts about lights very well. I'm sure your house looks even more beautiful than it already did.

Bev said...

Yes I'm singing the same Christmas light song this year. Maybe the people who never take down their lights have the right idea.

Nellie said...


Janet and Nate said...

You're Funny!!

Anonymous said...

Becky that was hilarious! You crack me up :)