Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not a baby anymore.

This morning Phillip and I went out to run some errands.  We left Isabelle watching her favorite show while Emily and Logan were still asleep and Amanda at work.  While out, Logan called us and said his new boss wanted him to go to their house to talk with him.  He said Emily had left to go hiking.  So I immediately thought "Well he can't go because then Isabelle would be all alone".  So I had him put her on the phone and told her she could walk with Logan because she would be home all alone otherwise.  Her response blew me away:
"Mom! I can stay home by myself during the morning.  It's just the night time that scares me."
So she was home by herself for about thirty minutes until we got back.  She called after about twenty minutes just to make sure when we'd be home, she said.  Not a hint of nervousness in her voice.  She was watching out the window with Zero when we drove up.  She was very proud of herself and felt very grown up.

  But she's still only nine, so I can baby her a little while longer, right?


grandma said...

Yes, baby her as long as she'll allow it. Kids grow up TOO fast! She is so cute AND brave.

Briannon said...

NO, if I had kids, Id have her babysitting them! hehe

Bev said...

OH, cute Isabelle. She's nine going on nineteen anyway, so what's the difference? She has more maturity and common sense than a lot of teenagers I know, too. But yes, you want your youngest to stay young. Either that or get Amanda to get married and start giving you grandkids.

Melynda King said...
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Melynda King said...

I say baby her as long as she will let you! That is what I am doing!