Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A caged bird

Confinement is damaging to the soul.

Cabin Fever makes you stir crazy.

A caged bird doesn't sing.

Freedom is life.

I really have nothing to blog about.

Amanda will be working Cutomer Service at Fry's when not cashiering.
Emily is learning how to live without a cell phone while being grounded from it.
Logan hopefully has a job. (fingers crossed)
Isabelle had a birthday party for her littlest pet shop monkey yesterday.
I've lost the will to blog, clean, cook, and create.

Does that ever happen to any of you?


Joey said...

oh, I have been thinking about you, I hope you are doing okay, we are back to thursdays at the Temple and we would love to have you come if you can. Hope things get better for you.

Briannon said...

I should hire you to blog for me!

just me said...

oh i so get that, becky!! i took a months-long hiatus last year ... but i'm back with a vengeance now. ;)

Dawn said...

Yes and I hate it because I wake up with so many ideas and have no desire to make them come to light. Frustrating!!

Bev said...

I think we all can relate in one way or another. Sometimes I go on a mental vacation where I do as little as possible for awhile until I finally feel like getting back into things again. I don't think we need to feel guilty - we do what we have to do for our own sanity.