Friday, March 12, 2010

a little update

Alrighty.  I've gotten over the fact that I can't put pictures on my posts.  Moving on.

Phillip took off for Flagstaff with his sister this afternoon.  Their Mom was hospitalized this morning for chest pains.  They will most likely be bringing her to our home tomorrow since she would probably try and do something silly like shovel snow from her driveway if left alone.  Unsure if she had a heart attack at this time. 

We're trying to figure out what is wrong with Amanda.  She's had weird symptoms lately.  Skin rashes and welts, skin numbness, headaches, loss of appetite off and on.  Took her to a very good and thorough Doctor who thinks she has a food allergy.  She had nine vials of blood drawn yesterday.  Now we wait.

We have been house hunting and it is quite frustrating.  This market right now is crazy.  There are so many short sales and foreclosures.  Pretty much everything we've looked at is either bank owned or in the short sale process.  It's frustrating because the banks and even the realtors don't seem to want to move these properties very quickly.  But we probably couldn't afford anything with land if they were being sold in a normal market.  So we wait to see if any of our offers get accepted.

Everything else is going well.  Knock on wood.

That's all.


Nellie said...

I hope you figure out what is wrong with her. Weird that all that could be caused from a food allergy. Do you need to sell the home you are in?

Becky said...

No. My sister in law is going to buy our house. So it'll be perfect once it all comes together.

Briannon said...

your looking for a house too!?!? i know how much it sucks too, ive been looking for over 6 months and its super frustrating!!!! where are you guys looking?

Bev said...

I didn't know Amanda was still having those skin welts and now all the other troubles. I hope they can figure it out. I just know a great house is out there for you somewhere. We'll pray for you guys.